When it’s time to pay your rent or mortgage, few things are more disastrous than suddenly losing a large chunk of your income.  We can stop your wage garnishment before your next paycheck. Filing bankruptcy will stop payroll garnishments immediately, including IRS tax levies. In most cases, we can also remove judgment liens from your home.

Collection of judgments in the State of Colorado is relatively easy compared to many states. This is good news if you’re a plaintiff and not so good news if you have been sued by a collection agency.

After a court has entered a judgment against you, the court can issue a Writ of Garnishment against your bank account and against your paycheck. All the money in your bank account can be garnished. If any portion is exempt from garnishment, you must file papers with the county court to claim the exemption and get the money back. Meantime, you must try to live without the money. If your paycheck is garnished, you will lose 25% of each paycheck until the judgment is paid. The creditor can renew the garnishment until the judgment is paid in full.

Contact us now if you’re being sued so that we can prevent attachment of your wages and bank accounts before disaster strikes.

Are you being sued for another reason (something other than an unpaid debt)? Or do you need to file a case against someone? We offer FLAT FEES for trials of county court cases. No out of control hourly rates. More information at www.coloradocountycourts.com