One of my favorite clients is the couple I never met who sent this testimonial to me in an email:

“Thank you for all of your help and putting up with my countless questions. We are glad that part of it is over. Tell Bill that we really appreciate him offering this service to us while we are

[in Europe]. No other attorney would even return e-mails after they found out we were out of the country.”

The husband was stationed in Germany on active military duty serving our country. Technically, he should have been protected from his creditors while on active duty but that’s an issue for another day. The bottom line is that this family needed bankruptcy relief but no one would bother to try and help them. The assumption was that they would be too difficult to deal with outside the United States.

Unlike most firms, Morris Law doesn’t require an extensive, think, hand-written questionnaire. Our questionnaire can be completed online from anywhere in the world. Using the online questionnaire, and gathering documents via email, we were able to put together a sound bankruptcy petition with schedules for this couple while serving overseas. We emailed the documents to the couple, conducted a telephone consultation to go over the documents in detail, then had the clients sign the bankruptcy documents and return them to us via Federal Express. After filing the case, we obtained the bankruptcy trustee’s consent to hold the bankruptcy hearing via telephone.

The clients received their bankruptcy discharge shortly thereafter and were off to a fresh start rebuilding their financial life.