$500 bankruptcy? $200 Bankruptcy? What could possibly go wrong?

If a lawyer doesn’t have the experience to  identify the potential minefields of your bankruptcy before it is filed, then it is usually too late to correct it after the case is filed.

Will you lose your property or even lose your business because your attorney filed your case under the wrong chapter or without proper pre-planning?  It does happen.

Will a $500 attorney, bankruptcy petition preparer, or “200” attorney (the devil is in the details) give much thought to:

  • (a) the proper timing of your case filing,
  • (b) enforcing your rights against unscrupulous creditors,
  • (c) ensuring that you don’t lose any property,
  • (d) making sure you are filing under the correct bankruptcy chapter (chapter 7 or chapter 13), and
  • (e) making sure that your case meets the requirements for administration by the U.S. Trustee without undue scrutiny?

We Fix $500 Bankruptcies (and bankruptcy petition preparers’ mistakes)

If you used a bankruptcy petition preparer or a cut-rate lawyer and find yourself on the receiving end of abuse from a U.S. Trustee, call us. We offer nearly three decades of experience, personal client service, fair and affordable fees, and solid bankruptcy expertise.  We are here to help with Motions for Turnover of Property, bankruptcy audits or inquisitions into improperly prepared schedules, Motions to Deny or Revoke Discharges, and more.

$200? $500? For a Bankruptcy? Are those fees real?

Attorney fees for Chapter 7 in the $500 range? You may see it on the internet but are they for real? Remember all the lawsuits against retailers who would “bait and switch” — advertise one fee and sell you something else? Attorney fees aren’t any different.

And is a bankruptcy attorney really going to handle your case for $200?  The ethics of that claim are dubious at best and wholly unethical at worse. You might have seen news reports about some bankruptcy attorneys that are being sued right now for deceptive practices.

Our bankruptcy services are an excellent value but will never be “cheap.”  If you find a cheap fee, you’ll be sure to get a cheap lawyer. More importantly, we don’t “dabble” in bankruptcy law.  When we offer our bankruptcy expertise, we aren’t claiming to be “experts” after filing only a few cases for a few years.  We have been doing bankruptcy cases for 30 years.

We understand that there is nothing about bankruptcy practice that is as simple as “filling out a few forms.”  Even if you hire a law firm that alleges a $500 fee for everyone, what will you actually get? Besides getting a higher fee than actually advertised, will the attorney ever speak to you again or see you again after the check is written — or will a paralegal be handling the case?  Chances are, when you go for your bankruptcy hearing, someone will be there who you have never met. Or, if you sign up for the “free” bankruptcy, are you really going to get attorney representation or will go out on your own after some forms are prepared. The answer is no — actual attorney representation would cost much more. Bait and switch.

Attorney Fees.  Straightforward and Fair.  

What makes our attorney fees different?  First, we do not get our relationship off on the wrong foot through bait and switch advertising.  We don’t get you in the door with a ridiculously low fee then jack it up once you get here. Second, we do not have a “one attorney fee fits all” philosophy.  Third, we offer fair attorney fees.  We’re not cheap.  But we adjust our fees to be a good value for the services we provide based on the specific circumstances of your particular bankruptcy case. Our fees for uncontested Chapter 7 cases are all-inclusive.  We do not have a check-list of additional services for an additional fee. Fourth, there is no “marriage penalty.”  We won’t jack up your attorney fees just because you’re filing a joint bankruptcy.

Failing to recognize particular issues in specific cases — before filing the case — can result in lost money and assets, lost opportunities, and creditor challenges that could have been avoided entirely.

The story is best told by our client testimonials.  Let us offer you the chance free of charge, no attorney fees, to make your own informed decision.  Contact us for a free consultation.

What makes our firm different?

24/7 email response. We are available to answer your questions not only during business hours.  When you retain us as your attorneys, you can communicate with us via electronic mail and, under most circumstances, receive answers to your questions after hours on evenings and on weekends.

Experience. You can choose a bankruptcy attorney with little trial experience who was recently licensed or you can trust William A. Morris with 30 years experience not just in bankruptcy but also as a TRIAL ATTORNEY prepared to litigate any creditor challenges to your case.

Fair Fees. expert advice, and exceptional client service is what keeps our practice thriving on referrals from past satisfied clients.

Client compassion. By far, the most common comment we receive from clients is a statement similar to this:  “Thank you for being so understanding and helping me.  You didn’t make me feel like a deadbeat or feel embarrassed like another attorney I talked to.”  Client testimonials.

If you have already filed bankruptcy and are in trouble, we are here to help.

At Staggs Morris, P.C., we are trial lawyers with 30 years of courtroom experience ready to fight for you when things go bad. We get referrals from distressed bankrupt families who have received poor legal advice and are in trouble.

Have you been  . . .

  • Sued by the Office of the United States Trustee?
  • Sued by a creditor?
  • Sued by a former spouse?
  • Threatened with revocation or denial of your bankruptcy discharge?

Adverse actions like these are known as adversary proceedings. Bankruptcy law isn’t simple. And when these lawsuits arise, they demonstrate the importance of a rock-solid bankruptcy petition with accurate schedules. But if your bankruptcy is already filed, there’s no going back. A denial of your bankruptcy discharge is for life — the debts in your bankruptcy never go away. Likewise, a judgment in favor of your creditor in an adversary proceeding is for life.  Click here for a full discussion of the most common issues that result in bankruptcy lawsuits.

Our trial experience spans more than two decades. We have a track record of winning bankruptcy lawsuits. We also know how to use other available tools to extricate you successfully from bankruptcy lawsuits. For example, we fought the U.S. Trustee’s attempt to revoke a bankruptcy discharge  for a single mother whose former husband stirred up trouble with the U.S. Trustee’s Office. We have fought successfully against the bankruptcy trustee when a cheap lawyer nearly caused him to lose his business and his livelihood. We are fighting the good fight — protecting people from creditors but more often from the heavy-handed tactics of the U.S. Trustee.

When you contact us, we will carefully review all documents filed in your case and determine the best line of attack. We listen carefully to your concerns, fears, and objectives. Then we give you straightforward advice that you can understand — so you can rest easy while we fight to protect your constitutional right to bankruptcy relief.